Thursday, March 09, 2006

In The Tank

This happens every year in our league. The same bottomfeeders give up the final two or three months of the year, don't return calls/emails and eventually stop putting in their weekly lineups. Those in contention bitch and moan that their offers aren't even acknowledged and those that fail to manage their lineups have an adverse affect on the outcome of the league.

What to do? What to do? Do you kick out the dregs of the league who are good for chipping in their entry fee but never content and give up halfway through the season? Do you follow the path of least resistance and continue the cycle for another year?

A suggestion made by a friend in another league said they have monthly awards for the final two months of the year, which keeps everyone interested until the end. I suggested for our league this year but the concept was poo-pooed.

While thrilled my squad is currently in 1st it is a drag there are members of our league that continually give up each year, and don't return calls.

With six solid guards and a number of players qualifying at G/F, and four solid players at F/C I traded Mike Bibby before Monday's deadline for Boris Diaw, who qualifies as a forward. So far this week Bibby has been unbelivable for two games and Diaw was amazing in his lone game.

It's been a bad week for injuries for Krewtime. I made a prudent decision on Monday by benching T-Mac, concerned he and his balky back might miss a game or two or three this week, and activating Rip; it appears he will have played in one-half. However...I rolled the dice with Delonte and his bad hammy; he missed his first two games. personal tormentor, Eddie Jones, is active and also has yet to play this week.


Blogger Smacky said...

Perhaps there is a reason everyone is staying away. Have you ever considered that it might be your breath and offensive dress sense?

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